Born in Canterbury, England way back in the mid 70s I grew up in a very busy house. As the youngest of five kids I would take every opportunity for some quiet time. For me that came in the form of drawing. I drew a LOT! As a result, I'm quite skilled at shutting out the noise and getting on with the job. This comes in particularly handy when working from home and raising kids!

In 1998 I moved to Australia to live with my Aussie girlfriend (now wife) and we've since settled in the beautiful town of Bendigo, Victoria with our two kids and two cats. 


Digital Art

I began using technology back in 2000 when I officially decided to make art a career. I started out with an animation program called "Flash" and taught myself the very basics of animation. I also used the program to draw in, as the process of drawing on paper and scanning pages became pretty laborious. 

At first I drew with a mouse, gradually upgrading my equipment as the years went by and the jobs increased. I now draw and paint exclusively in Adobe Photoshop and use Wacom Cintiq tablets to draw with.

See below for a short demo on the drawing process 


From 2000 - 2009 I was employed by Sugarqube.com (later acquired by American Greetings) as a writer and animator of online greeting (e-card) content. This helped pave a way towards more animation opportunities in both online and broadcast animation.

With the release of Alpha Monsters in 2011, I started focusing more on the illustrating and design side of things and slowly began moving away from animation.

However in 2013 the two worlds combined, when I was given the amazing opportunity work as Design Supervisor and Character Designer on the TV animation The Day My Butt Went Psycho.

Then in 2015, the world of Star Wars came knocking and my ongoing relationship with Scholastic Australia presented me with the Pixel Raiders series. 

I'm currently working on a brand new series for Hardie Grant Egmont called “NOAH AND BLUE’S ZOONIVERSE” written by Nova Weetman.

For a full CV of published works please click here