Boomer at the bat


Boomer was a book I illustrated in 2017 for author Julia Dweck. We were incredibly honoured to be partnered up with the legendary STAN LEE, under his own publishing house Stan Lee's Kids Universe!

The story revolves around a baseball-playing bunny named Boomer, who finds himself with the chance to win the game in the team's last at bat.  Told in a fun, rhyming style, Boomer at the Bat focuses on themes of teamwork and good sportsmanship.

"Boomer is my favorite kind of story," says Mr. Lee. "It's a whole lot of fun, and teaches important lessons as well."

Terry Dougas, co-founder of SLKU, agrees.  "You have a story involving the most popular sport for kids, and a great message on working together.  For us it was a home run."

Boomer at the Bat is now available as an e-book on Apple ibooks, Amazon Kindle, Kobo, and the Nook.

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I love the message of this book. It is a great way to teach kids about good sportsmanship. It is written with rhymes that work well for a smooth reading flow. The illustrations are great, really adding to the story. I look forward to reading this book to my kids as they grow older and begin participating sports and other team type activities.
— Secret Pearls Reviews
Boomer the bunny is playing baseball in front of his home crowd. Will he score a home run? Or are there more important things?

Julia Dweck’s rhyming verse is a pleasure to read, as always, and the illustrations by Chris Kennett really bring her animal characters to life. While the kids will enjoy the sporting action in the story, Coach Wuzzle gives Boomer a lesson is sportsmanship (“Just play the game the best you can.”) which their parents will appreciate.
— Books Direct


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