Very pleased to announce that my third collaboration with Gaming TV personalities Steven "Bajo" O'Donnell and Stephanie "Hex' Bendixen has officially hit the shelves. 

This one, as you can probably tell, is all about the Racing game genre and features some fun action packed illustrations. I had a bunch of fun working on this one and can't wait until I begin working on Book 4 later in the year. You can read more about my work on the series right here

Thanks for stopping by :)

Bendigo Record, Comic and Toy Fair.

Looking forward to the Bendigo Record Comic and Toy Fair this Sunday (12th March 2017). It will mark my first time in Australia as a stall holder. Hopefully now that I have some of the set up I can look into other events. But for now I'm happy to keep it local.

If you're in the area, or even out of the area and feel like coming by, then come and say "Hi". 
Look for this sign, it'll be pretty hard to miss!!
Pixel Raiders signed by Bajo and Hex

Convention print. Happy 40th SW!!

Postcards sets, packed and shiny looking.

Star Wars Little Golden Book - I AM A STORMTROOPER

This month saw the release of my 4th Star Wars Little Golden Book "I am a Stormtrooper". When Random House approached me to do this one I couldn't believe my luck. So many great, iconic moments from across the series and Stormtroopers always look so cool!

Here are a few snippets from some of my favourite pages.

Of course there are plenty more in the book itself! You can pick it up here or in book shops across the USA.

Boomer at the Bat - Stan Lee's Kids Universe

I'm extremely pleased to announce a new upcoming book that has seen me team up, once again, with the talented Julia Dweck. This time we are incredibly honoured to be partnered up with the legendary STAN LEE, under his own publishing house Stan Lee's Kids Universe!

The book "Boomer at the Bat" is out May 22 2017 and stars a whole host of little critters who are quite partial to a bit of sporting activity!

As if that wasn't enough I had the opportunity of drawing the great man himself, which now adorns the official SLKU logo. 

Hopefully one day I'll get to meet the great man himself. But until then, its back to work for me.


Dug - time lapse video

Here's a little video of a quick 20 min sketch I did of *Dug from Pixar's "UP". Its all squished up into a handy, bite sized, 1 minute chunk. You didn't think I expected you to sit for a full 20 minutes did you? Gracious! Who has that sort of time on their hands these days?

If you're even busier than that, here's the finished product for you. No doubt you've got your jacket half on, a piece of toast dangling comedically from your mouth and your backing out of the room right now. Aren't you?

Go on get out of here, you busy bee. Go get em!

*I realise the video says "Doug" but I was in a rush. So that means my pixar fanclub membership isn't revoked. Its the rules.

Star Wars craziness!

Look what I did ma
Image courtesy ABC Central Victoria: Larissa Romensky

Last Thursday (30th June 2016) I was interviewed by the lovely Larissa Romensky from ABC Central Vic, about my work on the Star Wars Golden Books. You can read the full interview here as well as see a brief working video of Mr Vader.

News soon got around and what started off as a nice interview for a website ended up becoming National news, culminating in a Channel 9 News story and live interview to the nation on ABC News24.

"Don't look at the camera, don't look at the camera"
click my face to see a clip (links to facebook)

 Um?....Star Wars?
"Yes and that's why Han shot first you see?"
click my face to see a clip (links to facebook)

This might well go down, as one of the more surreal days in my life. Certainly one of the most nerve wracking too.
But I'm truly humbled by the reactions I've received since then and I'm grateful, every day, that I've been fortunate enough to work on something so beloved as Star Wars.

So.... Beep Boop!
Beep Boop!
Thanks for rolling on by

Bannockburn Primary School - Residency

So last week (23-27 May 2016) I was lucky enough to be invited along to Bannockburn Primary School (just outside of Geelong) to be their artist in residence. 

Throughout the week I drew Monsters with the Preps, Grade 1-3 and brainstormed some original character designs with Grade 4-6.

I was completely blown away by the level of creativity and imagination that came out during our brief 1 hour sessions. Together we created all the characters you see above, plus many more on paper which I didn't manage to get photos of.

It was a great experience and I'm extremely flattered to have been asked along to such a fun and art loving school.

Cheers BPS

Pixel Raiders Trailer

Check out this spiffy little book trailer for Bajo and Hex's PIXEL RAIDERS which I illustrated for Scholastic Australia. 

Lots of hard work went into this from all parties and the end result is something we're all very proud of. 

There will be  4 books in this series and Book 1 "DIG WORLD is available for pre-order now and released May 1st 2016. Wheeee!

Although the book is all black and white interiors, I got to colour up some key scenes for this trailer. I've included the black and white originals for a little comparison 

*Fun Fact: I managed to sneak my family into this Bus picture. Unfortunately my wife got cropped out of the final printed version. That's showbiz!

From PIXEL RAIDERS #1: Dig World by Bajo & Hex

Text copyright © Stephanie Bendixsen & Steven O’Donnell, 2016
Illustrations copyright © Chris Kennett, 2016

Published by Scholastic Australia Pty Limited, 2016

52 Week Illustration Challenge - Week 12: NON DOMINANT HAND

"Bad Hare Day"

Soooo drawing with your non dominant hand ay? In my case the left.

Hoooo boy! That was tough. Every instinct was screaming at me to swap hands the entire time. By the end I actually felt a bit woozy. Great excerise, but like most excerises, its not something I want to try again in a hurry ;)

If you want to see it done properly. Check out Bruce Whatley in this interesting vid

Pixel Raiders

Very proud to announce this upcoming book I've recently illustrated.


Written by ABC3's Good Game presenters Bajo and Hex, it focuses on Rip and Mei and their adventures through multiple digital realms.

This is my first move away from picture books into the world of Children's fiction and I can't think of a better project to be a part of.  I can't share much from it yet, but since the cover has been released online, I figure its fair game.

If you have some young gamers in your life they will definitely get a kick out of this. Available for preorder here.
From PIXEL RAIDERS #1: Dig World by Bajo & Hex
Text copyright © Stephanie Bendixsen & Steven O’Donnell, 2016

Illustrations copyright © Chris Kennett, 2016
Published by Scholastic Australia Pty Limited, 2016