Father's Day

Yesterday was Father's Day here in Australia and I was finally able to take the family to see Pixar's "UP". I realise for the rest of the World this is old news, and why its taken so long to get here I don't know. Anyway the film was great and lived up to all the hype I've been reading.

I guess the fact I was watching this on Father's Day made Carl and Ellie's situation all the more moving and its probably up there with my all time fave Pixar movies. So I couldn't help but draw a little portrait of Carl for the blog, I hope you like it.

As well as spending a nice day with the kids, my wife also gave me this cool little statue of Betty Boop doing her best Marilyn Monroe impression. She now sits on my desk looking at me with those big green eyes. If only every day could be Father's Day.