Countdown to CTN-Xtasy. Seldom Asked Questions


"Hey Chris, was that a clever Steely Dan reference in your post title?"

Yes is was, thanks for noticing. That poorly thought out pun means that I am literally counting down the days before I head off for the CTN-X Animation Expo in Burbank, California from the19th-21st Nov. Oh Em Gee!!!

"Are you Nervous?"

To be sat in a room surrounded by so much talent is daunting, I'll be honest. Considering I've spent the best part of 10 years working alone in the back room of my house in country Australia, this will be an experience I will not forget in a hurry. 

"Will I be able to take anything away with me to remember you by?"

Why yes, yes of course. As I've mentioned before, I'll be sharing some table space with extra talented Michael Amos. Together we'll be offering up a small selection of goodies. I'll have a set of 5 postcards available and a limited run of prints (see below)

Not forgetting you can also help yourself to one of my 100% recycled business cards (that's as in paper not ideas).
As well as all that I'll also be giving away a limited edition postcard featuring my upcoming book "Alpha Monsters". Visitors to my table will also get to see the book first hand, though it won't be for sale until April 2011. Sorry about that.

"Wow they all seem like excellent mementos!"

That's not a question but yes, you are right. Nice observation.

"So where will I find you in this sea of talent?"

We'll be set up on Table 57 located in the "Talent Marketplace". That's TABLE 57. Here I've even marked it on a map for you. See.
click to enlarge

"Well that sounds excellent, I'll make sure you're one of the first people I come and visit."

Again not a question, but that's very nice of you. I look forward to meeting you. ALL OF YOU :)