Disney Studios

Today Michael and I were lucky enough to get a guided tour of Disney Studios by Michael's animation mentor and Disney feature animator Chad Sellers. Chad was extremely generous with his time and showed us into the inner sanctum of the workings of Disney. Unfortunately we weren't allowed to take photo's inside, but let me assure you the working environment and general vibe inside the building was amazing.

We got to see a sneak preview of some animation from the new Tangled movie, and it looks amazing. It was great to meet a few of the faces that went into making these characters come to life. I've no doubt their obvious love and enthusiasm for Tangled will translate into every frame of the movie.

Photo's may have been banned inside, but outside was fair game.

The original animation building

  Chad points out Ward Kimball's mysterious 6th fingers

That'll be me then. Picture taken by Chad. Yep Disney animators take MY photo!