We went to John K's house!!!!

OK so it may have cost us over $150 in cab fares and we even paid for dinner, but opportunities to sit and talk with the man himself don't come along very often. So when they do, you grab at them and say to hell with the cost, because moments like this are priceless!

It was a surreal moment as we stood on his front porch waiting for the man, our hero, creator of Ren and Stimpy, to open his door and invite us in. This moment of utter absurdity was not lost on us, as we nervously entered the residence of THE John K. Not only did he show us some work in development, he acted out the parts as he ran us through each storyboard, clearly still in love with the things he creates.

After taking him out to his favourite restaurant to eat a frankly ridiculous salami club sandwich (basically an entire stick of salami in bread), we went back briefly to his place where he effortlessly knocked out a fantastic drawing for Michael and I, and signed my DVD covers. Yay!

Of course being swept up in the moment and never quite finding the right time, I forgot to ask for a photo. Maybe subconsciously I thought he might say "No". But I'm sure he wouldn't have minded if I did, after all I AM his best friend ;)