"Mogwai's song" or "The theme month that never was"

I'd had such grand plans for 2012. I was going to start the year with my very own theme month. It was to be called "Fanuary" and every day I would post a drawing of something geeky that I loved and it would be crammed full of 80s stuff that us 30 somethings seem so reluctant to let go of. Oh yes it would have been a fun project alright.

But then life got busy. The first few days of "Fanuary" slipped by and already the project seemed doomed to start. With all the best intentions in the world nothing happened. An ongoing job needed finalising, a last minute decision to sell our house saw the majority of free time spent cleaning, de-cluttering and painting. What free time was left saw me collapsed and snoring on the couch. Selling a house is a tiresome affair.

Today is the last day of "Fanuary" and all I have to show for it, is this rough and hastily drawn Gizmo singing his little song.

Oh well, maybe next year.