It's FANUARY the first!

That's right, I'm declaring a new pun based month project, and I'm calling it "Fanuary". I'm going to attempt to dedicate at least 30mins a day to myself. No client or project work. Just a little bit of time to indulge my own selfish whims.

So I thought I'd share some things that have inspired me over the years.TV, Cartoons, Movies, Music. Basically anything that has impacted on me, from a kid in the late 70s/80s right up till the present day.

Let's start where all things begin. At the beginning. Roger Hargreaves' Mr. Men series was the first thing I ever remember drawing. Really you can't go wrong with Mr. Men. If you could draw a square, a circle, a blob or even a squiggly mess, you could draw a Mr. Men character.

My favourite was Mr Bump, the clumsy little scamp. I seem to remember I had a lot of issues getting the bandages right. Which probably made me cry with frustration, as my hands failed to put down what my brain was telling it.

A habit I haven't appeared to grow out of.

Happy Fanuary everyone!