30 Day Drawing Challenge - Day 4: A famous character had they aged in real time

OK so with the best intentions in the world I began this drawing challenge. What started off as a 30 day challenge is now looking more like a 30 week challenge. But what are you gonna do? Bills have to be paid and fun little distractions like this will always have to take a back seat.

So here then is little Charlie Bucket all grown up. I imagine that shortly after winning Wonka's factory, Charlie began gorging himself silly on chocolate, grossly overcompensating for his meagre and poverty stricken upbringing. 

As time marched relentlessly on, Charlie found himself sinking deeper and deeper into an endless shame spiral. Feeding his guilt with more and more chocolate, until his family and Oompa Loompas abandoned him.

"I wish I never got that $*%^%$*# ticket" sobbed Charlie as he tucked into his 15th Scrumdidlyumptious bar for the day.