Halloween is just around the corner, hiding like a sneaky old ghost in a bin, ready to jump out and shout "Boo" or something equally spine chilling.

So to celebrate, and by celebrate I mean "cash in", I thought I'd share some spooky images of an ebook I did a couple of years ago with Julia Dweck. I haven't shared these images before so its like they're fresh out of the grave.

I also put together this horrifying trailer to promote the book. That's "horrifying" in a good way of course. The book is available for Kindle, but if you don't own a Kindle, Mr Apple has obliged with an App so you can pretend you have a Kindle. Genius!

You can buy the book at a ghastly low price here and if you feel like writing a nice review, that all helps with the Amazon rankings apparently.

Have a horrible halloween everyone