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Hey everyone! As the clock ticks down (10 days to go!!!) I've decided to give the Alpha Monsters their very own blog page. Its a bit bare at the moment but I hope to start filling it soon with news, photos and artwork all dedicated to my first ever kids book, ALPHA MONSTERS!!

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Please come and join them and help spread the word.

Thanks for stopping by, Oh and did I mention ALPHA MONSTERS?

Buy Alpha Monsters online!!!!

So I've been getting a number of emails and messages about How? Where? When? If? Alpha Monsters would be available overseas. Well tonight a quick and, to be honest, exciting Google search brought up a wealth of online options. So if you want to buy one (or several, winky face) you'll have to dig around to find out their individual shipping costs (as most are Australian owned) and find out who does the best deal. Just follow the links below :)

Book Depository  This site offers FREE international shipping so may be the best option for those of you overseas. As the book is not yet released the actual price of the book isn't listed. Might be worth checking back though.

New Zealand
Fishpond NZ

Angus and Robertson
The Nile
Boomerang Books
Emporium Books
Abbey's Bookshop

If you live in Australia but want to pick up a copy from a proper old fashioned book shop contact to find out which store closest to you has it in stock :)

Hopefully as time goes on and if the book is successful, an overseas release might happen. If so sites like Amazon may join the party. Let's hope so ay?

They're coming!!!!

Alpha Monsters Copyright © Chris Kennett. All rights reserved.

The countdown is on! From April 1st Alpha Monsters, my first dabble into children's writing and illustration, will hit the shops in Australia.  

The story follows a young boy who finds himself in a strange world filled with Alphabet Monsters (hence the title). The book itself is more of an introduction to the world, the monsters and the alphabet as opposed to a straight out learning book. It's also a story told in verse, which proved challenging at times, but ultimately (I hope)  ends up being entertaining.

Hopefully I can share more artwork nearer to the time of release, but right now you're looking at its front cover. Look out for it!

EDIT: Got a few enquiries about the book being available overseas. Unfortunately its only being released in Australia to begin with. But who knows, if it does well and you pester Scholastic enough, it may come to you ;) 

Monster Monster!

I recently got a couple of sets of Alpha Monsters printed for at home (nothing fancy just your run of the mill photolab prints). I then painstakingly laminated and trimmed them all to make them jammy finger proof and Voila!

I had intended to use the sets to play fun Matching/Memory games. However the helpful machines at the photolab kindly print the jpg file names on the back of each print, therefore giving away the whole purpose of the game. I could have used this to my advantage, but thrashing a 5 year old at "Pairs" by cheating, just didn't seem right somehow.

Ah well! At least he's happy to make his own fun with them.

Alpha Monsters

My kids are loving learning all about the Alphabet at the moment, so for a while now I've been chipping away at some Flash Card designs with a fun monster theme. At the moment they love flicking through them on the ipod, but I hope to get a nice set of prints done so I don't have jammy smeary fingers jabbing at my ipod screen. Kids eh?!