Holiday Card "Thanksgiving"

Another one for American Greetings. This time I designed everything and storyboarded the action. We went through a few options with the style (see below) until we finally settled on the Retro 50s kind of feel. I think they made the right choice.

The animation was handled expertly by Heather Dunn who did a great job capturing the whole feel of the piece. Go check out her stuff.

EDIT: The link is working now hope you enjoy!

Mimi Mee Cards

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Mimi Mee was a character I created for a couple of years ago, to be used as part of their Winks collection. She ended up being quite popular, so last year I wrote and animated 3 ecards based on her too. I'd forgotten all about them until Abz left me a nice comment about her.
So here are some links to her 3 ecards. Size Matters, 2nd Best Friend and Brat 2 School.
She's annoying, but I like her.


Every now and then, I stumble across some old ecards I produced for Sugarqube, which are now owned by the Amercian Greetings group. These two are over 3 years old now but I enjoyed seeing them again and seeing as its Halloween season, thought I'd share them.

GRAVEYARD TRAIL - No prizes for innovation here, just a basic skill game. Bit tricky for those without a steady hand, but truth be told, losing this game is more entertaining than winning.

MONSTER MESSAGE - My son loves playing this shooting game, although this Blue Mountain version has been toned down a tad. My original had the monsters exploding with gooey sound effects and a small ammount of body slime. Again no prizes for complexity, just a little bit of fun.

Oh and Happy Halloween! WoooOOOOoooooOOOoooOOOOoooo!

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These are some screen shots for another BeatGreets card I animated for American Greetings. The theme is Halloween (of course) and the featured song is Rick Jame's "Superfreak".
This time the super talented Chris Kawagiwa designed the characters and painted the amazing background art. I merely made it all move in time with the music. Below is one of Chris' sketches and my Flash build on the right.

You can watch the animation here, just scroll through for the thumnail shown below

I hope you enjoy it, I certainly had fun working on this one.

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I Will Survive

I've previously posted some eCard background designs and harped on about failed attempts at concepts and character designs. But now I'm pleased to say that the final finished animation is now available for public viewing. The eCard is part of American Greetings "BeatGreets" range and my effort is a music video (of sorts) for Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive".

I spent a long time getting this right and I'm proud to say it's 100% all my own work (except for the music...obviously) I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, I hope you enjoy it too.

To Watch it, click here and scroll through the coverflow for the thumbnail shown below.

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Possitive Aura

So I've finally got the green light on a concept for the Female empowerment eCard. The basic idea being, a cool young lady struts around speading her possitive vibes and empowering all she meets. This is some concept art showing what kind of affect she might have on people.

Inner Demons

In a previous entry I mentioned an ecard where the central female character undergoes a personal transformation. In one of my revised concepts, the woman's inner demons appear as these mischievous looking critters. I quite fancy the prospect of animating these guys, so hopefully that concept will get the go ahead.

EDIT: Rejected! Looks like these guys won't be jumping around any time soon. Back to the drawing board.