Little Dance

Little Dance Invitations have just gone live with a brand spanking new website designed by Get Started in Melbourne.

I had the task of designing a mascot and animating him for the main title bar. The owners of LDI wanted the little guy to dance and skip across their logo and also have him perform some interactive little dances of his own. So if you want to play around, try clicking on him when he's in his rest positiion and he should perform one of 4 random moves. Groovy!

While your there take a look around this neat little site.

AMSA Animation

This is an animation I produced along with Scott Penna at Expio Productions right here in sunny Bendigo.

I provided Character design, animation as well as creating a few of the visual gags. While Scott took care of the text animation, photos and camera moves in After Effects.

I only had a week to pull this together, so there are always things I'd like to elaborate on and tidy up (those walk cycles are a little clunky), but all in all I'm happy with how this turned out.

Thanks for stopping by.

Holiday Card "Thanksgiving"

Another one for American Greetings. This time I designed everything and storyboarded the action. We went through a few options with the style (see below) until we finally settled on the Retro 50s kind of feel. I think they made the right choice.

The animation was handled expertly by Heather Dunn who did a great job capturing the whole feel of the piece. Go check out her stuff.

EDIT: The link is working now hope you enjoy!

Swimland Web Award

Congrats to my friends at Paul Sadler Swimland who, not only do a great job teaching my kids to swim, but have also picked up an award for "Best Swim School Website". I had the fun job of bringing their mascot "Swordy" to life, for some brief animations along with some hints and facts about the school.

You can view the site and story here (HINT: Click Swordy when he's floating in the corner).

Well done to Get Started who came up with the site design and a big thanks to Jason for being the first person EVER to describe me as a "guru". Not sure I'm quite there yet, but thanks all the same.

Over The Hill

Just before Christmas last year I animated a Musical Ecard titled "The Over the Hill Song" and it has just popped up over on

Gary Swift from the UK handled the character design and I was responsible for all the Flash builds and animation. These cards usually come to me fairly tightly scripted, but for this I was able to throw in a couple of my own gags (which was nice). So if you find yourself laughing uncontrollably at a cat falling off a table and a crudely drawn diagram, then my work was not in vain.

Hope you likey!

Slacker Cats

© ABC Family

The Good News:
The episode of Slacker Cats, the very funny show I animated on with Animax for ABC Family, will finally be seen after almost a year in limbo. The show was cancelled after only 6 episodes, but is due to resurface online this month with the unaired episodes.

The Bad News (for me):
Due to online regional restrictions the shows can only be watched by US residents (Boo!). So if you're living Stateside you may want to consider checking out the schedule. The first series was great and with enough support the show may get picked up again. My episode is titled "Work, Work, Work".

Here is a launch calendar.
ABCF Slacker Cats 1006 Dolenz 01/19/09
ABCF Slacker Cats 1008 Sex and the Kitties 01/19/09
ABCF Slacker Cats 1009 Buckley on the Run 01/20/09
ABCF Slacker Cats 1010 Garage-a-Trois 01/21/09
ABCF Slacker Cats 1011 Work, Work, Work 01/22/09
ABCF Slacker Cats 1012 Buckley Versus the Future 01/23/09

The first 6 episodes can be viewed here or more naughtily here on YouTube.

Sleigh Ride by Relient K

I recently had the great privilege of working with Tom Bancroft and Rob Corley on an animated Music Video. Gotee Records hired their company Funnypages to come up with a clip for the band Relient K's version of the classic Holiday song "Sleigh Ride". Tom and Rob are ex Disney Feature Animators and Character Designers, so when the opportunity came up I didn't really have to think too long and hard about it.

I was basically responsible for animating the final 3rd of the clip (except for the parts where the snowman fires snowballs and captures the girl). For those of you playing at home, my work begins at the 2min 10 mark. I hope you enjoy it.

Relient K - Sleigh Ride from gotee on Vimeo.

Finally a big THANK YOU to Michael Foster who put me in touch with Tom and Rob for this project and gifted me this great opportunity. Please go check him out.

EDIT: Two of my Fav websites Cartoon Brew and Cold Hard Flash have both featured this video. Cartoon Brew even gives me a credit, which is nice.


Every now and then, I stumble across some old ecards I produced for Sugarqube, which are now owned by the Amercian Greetings group. These two are over 3 years old now but I enjoyed seeing them again and seeing as its Halloween season, thought I'd share them.

GRAVEYARD TRAIL - No prizes for innovation here, just a basic skill game. Bit tricky for those without a steady hand, but truth be told, losing this game is more entertaining than winning.

MONSTER MESSAGE - My son loves playing this shooting game, although this Blue Mountain version has been toned down a tad. My original had the monsters exploding with gooey sound effects and a small ammount of body slime. Again no prizes for complexity, just a little bit of fun.

Oh and Happy Halloween! WoooOOOOoooooOOOoooOOOOoooo!

Copyright © 2007 – 2008, Inc. All rights reserved.


These are some screen shots for another BeatGreets card I animated for American Greetings. The theme is Halloween (of course) and the featured song is Rick Jame's "Superfreak".
This time the super talented Chris Kawagiwa designed the characters and painted the amazing background art. I merely made it all move in time with the music. Below is one of Chris' sketches and my Flash build on the right.

You can watch the animation here, just scroll through for the thumnail shown below

I hope you enjoy it, I certainly had fun working on this one.

Copyright © 2007 – 2008, Inc. All rights reserved.

I Will Survive

I've previously posted some eCard background designs and harped on about failed attempts at concepts and character designs. But now I'm pleased to say that the final finished animation is now available for public viewing. The eCard is part of American Greetings "BeatGreets" range and my effort is a music video (of sorts) for Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive".

I spent a long time getting this right and I'm proud to say it's 100% all my own work (except for the music...obviously) I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, I hope you enjoy it too.

To Watch it, click here and scroll through the coverflow for the thumbnail shown below.

Copyright © 2007 – 2008, Inc. All rights reserved.

Mimi Mee

Recently I've been designing and animating some winks for Kiwee. These winks are brief animations designed to be played full screen and appear when prompted during AIM chats via the Kiwee toolbar.

This is Mimi Mee, an attention grabbing, Spoilt Brat. She is based loosely on Verruca Salt from the original Willy Wonka Movie (hence the delightful red outfit). You can watch all of her outbursts below. Better still mosey on over to Kiwee and plonk her into one of your AIM chats and bug your friends.

Or click the thumbnails below to watch individually

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Captain Capslock

Captain Capslock, is another of my designs for a set of Winks for Kiwee. He was originally to be in the mould of Gunnery Sergeant Hartman from Full Metal Jacket fame. But we felt that was a tad cliche.

A stroke of luck, good timing and a sound editor with a famous friend, meant that the vocals were provided by Rockmond Dunbar of Prison Break fame. A fine job he did too. I hope the end results were worth the sore throat he apparently ended up with.


Or click the thumbnails below to watch individually

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V-Zee T'or

This Character went through many, many incarnations before settling on this, apparantly, basic Alien Visitor. However there's a little more to him that first meets the eye. Let's just say it's what's inside that counts.

Or click the thumbnails below to watch individually

For the full experience, you can download him and other characters for your messenger windows here