Illustration Friday "mesmerizing"

"I am an EVIL hypnotist"

Just had a few minutes to throw together a quick Illustration Friday image. When I saw the topic was "Mesmerizing" I immediately thought of the Big Train sketch about hypnotism. The moment when the Evil Hypnotist creeps past the open door is fantastic.

If you haven't seen Big Train before, treat yourself to an afternoon on youtube, it could well be the greatest sketch show ever

I ❤ My Sweater

An extremely quick and rubbish sketch to combine Valentines Day and this weeks Illustration Friday topic of "sweater".

In fact it's so rubbish I might just do it again at a later date.

A few days later........

See I told you I'd do it again. I'm MUCH happier with this. Just goes to show what a difference a little time and effort makes. I was going to take the first one down. But I will leave it as a hideous reminder that I should never rush and always think before I blog.

Illustration Friday "Beneath"

"Beneath his gruff exterior this monster was actually a great big softie"

I'll be honest I'd already drawn this before the IF topic of "beneath" came up. This was actually a design I did purely for the purpose of getting printed as a postcard to sell at the CTN Expo. But I've decided not to use it and so here it sits in blogland for you folks to (hopefully) enjoy. So er....enjoy :)

Illustration Friday "Fearless"


If you've come here via Illustration Friday, then I'll come clean straight away. This isn't exactly an illustration, more a screen grab from a very rough and hastily put together animation.
I had every intention of drawing this bungee jumping Granny properly, but I got more interested in seeing her in action. Then I though of a silly joke and...well.. that was that.

Bungee Granny from Chris Kennett on Vimeo.

I wish I could have spent more time making her bounce around on the cord. But there just wasn't enough time. So that's that.

Illustration Friday "Confined"

"Incy Wincy Spider"

The other day a saw a spider scuttle from a pile of clothes in the bedroom. Without any thought for my own personal safety I captured and confined the brute inside a glass. He was a cranky fella and I have no doubt that he would have killed me in a instant.

Well he suspect he would have killed me, if he had been longer than half an inch and venomous! Still, you can't be too careful can you?

Illustration Friday "Music"

"Music of the future, and Music of the past"

Just a quickie for this weeks Illustration Friday. I went for a loose Jazzy feel for this, though I'm much of a Jazz fan to be honest. Sorry all you real Jazz fans, nothing personal.

EDIT (6/01/10): Actual proper Jazz musician Ron Davis, has used this image on his own blog. Even though I blatantly dismissed his craft, he was man enough to see through that and enjoy my work regardless. Thanks Ron.

Illustration Friday "Unbalanced"

"Choose your friends wisely!"

It's been a little while since I posted anything on here. After an amazing (and tiring) 4 weeks away visiting friends and family in the UK, the blog got a little bit neglected.

Coming home I hit the ground running and there's lots of exciting stuff on the horizon. Most exciting of all will be my own Children's book which will be due for release in 2011. Still got lots of work to do yet, but hopefully I'll be allowed to post about it soon.

If there's anyone still out there, thanks for stopping by.

Illustration Friday "Welcome"

"Good to be back"

Its always nice to get a warm welcome after you've been away for a while. In just over a week I'll be heading off to England to visit family and friends. Its been over 5 years since we were last there and to say we are looking forward to it is an understatement.

My daughter (4) has never met her Grandparents and my son (5) was only 6 months old the last time we were there. I'm sure they will be welcomed with open arms, so this weeks topic seemed quite appropriate.

Illustration Friday "Hollow"

"You say Good Buy, I say Hollow"

I remember as a kid always feeling disappointed that chocolate Easter Eggs weren't solid. Of course, as an adult, I can see how impractical (and expensive) a solid egg of chocolate would be. Still as an ungrateful and selfish youngster you can't help but feel a little cheated when you hear that unmistakable hollow crack as you try to stuff as much into your mouth as possible. Kids huh?

It's been a long time between blog drinks(or "blinks" if you like). Works been a bit crazy, which is always a good thing. Hopefully I can share some more stuff soon.

Thanks for stopping by.

Illustration Friday "Contagious"

"Tea and Sympathy"

This week’s topic “contagious” proved to be quite prophetic, as I spent a large portion of the weekend coughing and snivelling over cups of honey and lemon tea. Naturally, being male, I was on death’s door several times and only just managed to raise my arm long enough to hit play and start another episode of LOST. Luckily I made it through alive and was able to whip this little self portrait together.

I had originally intended to post this caricature of Russel Brand. As an entertainer I find his humour to be quite contagious and I can’t help but like him, despite myself. But I thought that link was probably a little too tenuous, so he remains as a little sketchy bonus.

Illustration Friday "Parade"

"Sun Loong and thanks for the memories "

Every Easter, Bendigo (the town where I live) brings out Sun Loong, the longest Imperial Chinese Dragon in the World, for the annual parade.

During the Easter School holidays I ran 2 workshops where the kids and I drew a cartoon version of the Dragon. It was a great experience for me and it was awesome to see so many youngsters interested in drawing. We built the image step by step to end up with the sketch you see below.

I thought it would make a good subject for this weeks IF. So I went and coloured him up. He's a little bit rushed, but it was all I had time for.

Illustration Friday "Impossibility"

"Sweet Dreams"

Of course Monsters couldn't possibly exist, yet every small child believes otherwise. Especially when reading spooky stories at bedtime.

It's been a long time between posts lately and I've really missed the weekly challenge of Illustration Friday. Of course like most people I've been rushed off my feet, mostly animating on a very cool TV pilot for a great studio in Melbourne. Hopefully I'll get to post more about that soon.

I also may have some other exciting news regarding one of my own creations, but I won't count my chickens on that one just yet. But here's hoping.

Thanks for stopping by.