Pitches and Woes

I've just had the great opportunity of pitching some show ideas to Nickelodeon International and while my attempts were unsuccessful (this time) it was a perfect chance to try something new and even learn a little bit in the process.
So although the overall ideas were not quite right, I was still happy with the artwork and character designs, so I thought I would share them on here.

These guys below are from a Pirate show I've had bubbling in my head for a while now. Guess its time to put them to bed, or maybe a burial at sea would be more appropriate.
Thanks for stopping by.

Happy Holidays

I can't believe there's little over a week to go, and I've still got soooo much to get done. This may well be my last post for 2008, so I just wanted to thank everyone (friends, followers, feeders, occasional visitors and accidental stumblers) for stopping by. A special big thanks to those who took the time out to leave some nice comments. They are all appreciated.

So I'll leave you with my family's Christmas card for this year. Apologies to those that don't go for the dude in the suit, but it's all I got. So whatever you celebrate, I hope it's a happy and fun time for you and yours.


The Mariner's Revenge Song

"We are two mariners
Our ships' sole survivors
In this belly of a whale"

So begins the tale of one of my favorite songs "The Mariner's Revenge Song" by The Decemberists. I would have loved to make an animation based around this song, but that's an ambitious personal project I can't afford to tackle right now.

Instead I'll have to settle for this illustration. If you are unfamiliar with this modern day sea shanty, then please do yourself a favour and check it out here. It comes in at a whopping 10 minutes, but its well worth it.

Enjoy me hearties!

Alpha Monsters

My kids are loving learning all about the Alphabet at the moment, so for a while now I've been chipping away at some Flash Card designs with a fun monster theme. At the moment they love flicking through them on the ipod, but I hope to get a nice set of prints done so I don't have jammy smeary fingers jabbing at my ipod screen. Kids eh?!

The Pirates of Ben's Pants

The Pirates of Ben’s Pants is very much a kid’s show, primarily aimed at boys between the ages of 7 to 12. The basic concept being a young boy has a band of pirates that he keeps in his pants (of course).

In days of old, No Beard and his band of ruthless Pirates terrorised the seven seas. Fuelled by greed and the lust for gold they became infamous all over the Globe. So notorious was their reputation, word soon found its way to The Sea Witch. So enamoured was she, of the villainous crew, she cast a spell on them, turning them into wooden figurines. When resurrected to their human form they were bound by the spell to only serve those that kept them, like some motley band of pirate genies.

Fast forward several hundred years. The pirates have long been lost and are now the stuff of legend, until one young lad stumbles upon the find of the century.

As Ben comes to grips with his discovery and his power, he initially becomes swept up in the Pirates enthusiasm for adventure and general naughtiness. However when the escapades inevitably end up badly, he soon realises that using the pirates for the good of others is a much more rewarding prospect.

These fish out of water, once used to terrorising those in their path, are bemused to find themselves in the hands of an 8 year old boy. But bound by the spell they find their usual methods are no longer required and despite their best efforts Ben’s commands somehow get lost in translation.

Meanwhile a certain Sea Witch gets word and The Pirates (and Ben) are once again in her greedy sights.

Still a way to go in terms of development, but I’d really like to know if this show has any potential in your humble opinions. Be honest (and gentle). I’ve had this idea floating around for a while now, and like most ideas I have, I begin to doubt myself and the flame dies out. So its over to you....

This is Ben

This is Ben, he is the central character in a show idea that's been floating around my head for a while now. He's had a few makeovers, but this is the one I'm most happy with (for now anyway!). Hopefully one day I'll have time to revisit the other characters and put a half decent pitch together. One day!

Brat Baby

I'm in the process to writing some short ecards based on the Mimi Mee Character I did for Kiwee. For some reason I did a quick sketch of her as a baby. I liked it so I went ahead and coloured her up for real. I like to think her expression is the exact moment before she breaks out into a full on baby tantrum.
...and that tantrum in full swing!