Phone Doodle

This months Mass Apeel topic is "Doodles". I did this sketch of an Angry Donut for no apparent reason, while on the phone and I thought it might make a good submission. Then I decided to go and colour him up a little, again for no real reason.
I'm not entirely sure why he's so angry. Maybe it's because he was made with pink icing and feels the need to over compensate somehow. Or maybe it's because he's gradually lost most of his chocolate sprinkles over the years and his wife no longer finds him attractive. Either way this dower doughball has "issues"

Child Catcher

The topic for this months Mass Apeel blog is things that give you the "Heebie Jeebies". Well the Child Catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang certainly qualifies for that in my book. The dude seriously gave me nightmares for a long time and finding him again on youtube still gave me a chill.

This scene where he lures out the kids from the basement is, possibly, one of the most terrifying moments captured on film. See for yourself. I love the part where Treacle Tarts seals the deal (must try one of those). Hope you enjoy Kiddie Winkies!


Another attempt on the topic of Dinosaur Anachronisms. This time I wanted to move out of my comfort zone. All of this is produced in Flash, with only the skin texture and Background grain created and imported from Corel Painter.