March of the Sketchbooks! DAY 14

Hubble Bubble

Today's sketch also doubles as Illustration Friday's topic of "Stir". If I get time I may even add a splash of colour. But for now this'll have to do.

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I added a quick splash of digital pastel to my original sketch and used a blender tool to smooth out the lines. Only had a small amount of time, but it was good to test out some new techniques away from my usual flat 2D style.

March of the Sketchbooks! DAY 7

Over the weekend I was listening to some Classic Jethro Tull songs. Yes I know they are not very cool, but I still likes em.

Their front man, Ian Anderson was a crazy looking fellow back in his 70's hey day. These days he's very much the well groomed aging rocker. But for this sketch I wanted to get across his more Cat Weasel like persona which he displays very well in this bonkers clip

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March of the Sketchbooks! DAY 1

This month Cedric Hohnstadt has declared it to be Sketchbook Month, whereby all participants produce a sketch every day for the month of March. As he explains "Rarely am I able to draw something I *choose* to draw for practice, to push myself, or just give myself a creative breather". I can relate to that.

So despite being a little busy at the moment, I'm going to sacrifice a half hour every day from my lunch break to whip up a scribble. I don't have a working scanner at the moment, so to save time I'm going to stray from the brief a little and do them digitally. Hey a sketch is a sketch right?

So here's the first one. For inspiration I like to google the word "pose" in images and see what catches my eye (kids you might want to turn that safe filter ON for this, if you know what I mean?). 

FYI here's the link where I found my muscular muse (last image)