This week The Tim Burton Exhibition opens at the ACMI in Melbourne. So by way of celebration I dug out this old eCard I produced for Sugarqube back in the olden days of 2006!! Back then the Internet was slow and wheezy like an asthmatic elephant, so all content had to be produced at an agonising 12fps. Which is why it's a bit jittery.

I think the Burton influence is pretty obvious here, all creepy kids and stripey shirts. I've included some original concept art below, as well as the original storyboard idea I submitted. Hope you likes.

Thanks for stopping by.

Father's Day

It's almost Father's Day in the US and I'd almost forgotten this ecard I animated for American Greetings last year. I got to play around with the design on this and also storyboard the whole thing.

Here are some different lion cub designs we went through.
Final design, though his ears got smaller in the final build.
In the early stages we considered a range of cute baby animals. I would have liked to go with the little piggy but the lion won out in the end.
You can view the final card here.

Over The Hill

Just before Christmas last year I animated a Musical Ecard titled "The Over the Hill Song" and it has just popped up over on

Gary Swift from the UK handled the character design and I was responsible for all the Flash builds and animation. These cards usually come to me fairly tightly scripted, but for this I was able to throw in a couple of my own gags (which was nice). So if you find yourself laughing uncontrollably at a cat falling off a table and a crudely drawn diagram, then my work was not in vain.

Hope you likey!