52 Week Illustration Challenge - Second Helping

Here's some more artwork from the 52 Week Illustration Challenge over on Facebook which somehow I'm still managing to keep up with. The weeks keep relentlessly barreling along, despite my best efforts to slow down time. Actually, I'm not really trying to to slow down time that would be foolishly futile and, ironically, a big old waste of time.

Anyway here's 8 weeks worth of things with themes.

Week 8: Coffee
"Up all night"

Week 9: Texture
"Best spot in the house"

Week 10: Night
"Witching hour"

Week 11: Green
"Leap Frog"

Week 12: Costume

 Week 13: Transport

Week 14: Whimsy
"Staying Dry"

Week 15: Vietnam
"Hoi An lantern"

That's it for now. But I'll back. I've got some exciting news in the coming weeks, which I'm bursting to share.

Bye bye for now.

52 Week Illustration Challenge - Massive dump

So this year I've taken it upon myself to join in the 52 Week Illustration Challenge over on Facebook. Its a great excuse for me to forget about work for a while and just do something for myself for a change. Each week is given the theme and the rest is up to you.

I've been a bit slack in actually posting them on my blog. Its so easy these days to post on FB, or Instagram or whatever. So much so the poor old blog gets overlooked.

Anyway the challenge is now in its 7th week, so here are all my entries up to now. In one great big art dump. Hope you like em :)

Week 1: Fairytale

Week 2: Italy

Week 3: Retro

Week 4: Insect

Week 5: Kitchen

Week 6: Magic

Week 7: Farm