52 Week Illustration Challenge - Week 12: NON DOMINANT HAND

"Bad Hare Day"

Soooo drawing with your non dominant hand ay? In my case the left.

Hoooo boy! That was tough. Every instinct was screaming at me to swap hands the entire time. By the end I actually felt a bit woozy. Great excerise, but like most excerises, its not something I want to try again in a hurry ;)

If you want to see it done properly. Check out Bruce Whatley in this interesting vid

Pixel Raiders

Very proud to announce this upcoming book I've recently illustrated.


Written by ABC3's Good Game presenters Bajo and Hex, it focuses on Rip and Mei and their adventures through multiple digital realms.

This is my first move away from picture books into the world of Children's fiction and I can't think of a better project to be a part of.  I can't share much from it yet, but since the cover has been released online, I figure its fair game.

If you have some young gamers in your life they will definitely get a kick out of this. Available for preorder here.
From PIXEL RAIDERS #1: Dig World by Bajo & Hex
Text copyright © Stephanie Bendixsen & Steven O’Donnell, 2016

Illustrations copyright © Chris Kennett, 2016
Published by Scholastic Australia Pty Limited, 2016

52 Week Illustration Challenge - Week 1: FANCY DRESS

"I'm looking for the man who shot my Paw!"

This year I'm attempting the 52 Week Illustration Challenge. That's a brand new themed illustration,  every week for 52 weeks. I did attempt this last year, but for various reasons I fell short towards the end of the year.

It's run by a fantastic bunch of Aussie ladies over of Facebook, who monitor submissions week in week out. If you're on the book called "face", you can check out the page here.

If nothing else, it'll bring me back to regular updates on the blog. If anyone's still out there?

Star Wars "Empire" Little Golden Book

Back in early Feb 2015 I received an email. It had, quite possibly, the most exciting subject line I've ever received. Ever. It simply said...

"Star Wars Little Golden Books"


So anyway, 6 months later I got my sweaty eager hands on my preview copies.

In true Golden Book fashion, this series is super cheap and super cool. So please go support the other 5 artists and their books too.

All 6 books are on sale now and will also be released in September in a swishy looking boxset! WoooooooOOoooo!

I will post more artwork as the days go by but, for now, here's a look at the front cover. Just so you know what to look for (winky face)

Oh and I got to do "Empire"! *tiny fist pump

52 Week Illustration Challenge - Second Helping

Here's some more artwork from the 52 Week Illustration Challenge over on Facebook which somehow I'm still managing to keep up with. The weeks keep relentlessly barreling along, despite my best efforts to slow down time. Actually, I'm not really trying to to slow down time that would be foolishly futile and, ironically, a big old waste of time.

Anyway here's 8 weeks worth of things with themes.

Week 8: Coffee
"Up all night"

Week 9: Texture
"Best spot in the house"

Week 10: Night
"Witching hour"

Week 11: Green
"Leap Frog"

Week 12: Costume

 Week 13: Transport

Week 14: Whimsy
"Staying Dry"

Week 15: Vietnam
"Hoi An lantern"

That's it for now. But I'll back. I've got some exciting news in the coming weeks, which I'm bursting to share.

Bye bye for now.