In 2015 I began work on the 4 part series Pixel Raiders written jointly by TV presenters Bajo and Hex (Steven O' Donnell and Stephanie Bendixsen).  The books, aimed at kids 8-12, are heavily illustrated chapter books designed to entice kids from screen to the page.

"Rip and Mei are trapped inside a brand-new virtual-reality game. At first it seems fun–they must build a shelter, find food and work out what to do with fart flowers–gross! But soon they realise if they don't play the game and find the way out, they'll be stuck... forever."

Throughout the book, Rip and Mei’s game level and heart (strength) collection are displayed at the top of the page. The black and white illustrations by Chris Kennett, many full-page, drive the action and ramp up the emotional intensity of Rip and Mei’s quest.
— Reading Time: Tessa Wooldridge
Dragon Land is full of engaging illustrations and has a fun storyline in a game world setting. It cleverly takes a game world setting and bridges the visual and storyline concepts from game play and into a book format.
— Eva Lewis (The Multi Tasking Woman Blog)



Text copyright © Stephanie Bendixsen & Steven O’Donnell, 2016
Illustrations copyright © Chris Kennett, 2016
Published by Scholastic Australia Pty Limited, 2016