I offer up a variety of talks and workshops for Primary School age students. with a focus on fun and creativity. Sessions typically last between 60mins and can accommodate a range of age groups and abilities.  



One of my most popular activities involves a fun interactive computer program I designed called "The Character Randomiser 3000". Using this fun tool, the kids can generate millions of character combinations with the simple click of a button!

Zombie Clowns? Space monkeys? Robot Yetis? Punk Unicorn Dogs?  

Yep, yep, yep and yep.

Yrs 1-6



This talk and demonstration session for older children focusses on the world of "Digital Illustration". What it is, what its used for, how it works, its good points and its bad points.

We end the session with a demonstration of Illustrating in Photoshop based on kids suggestions.

Yrs 5-8



This talk is aimed at top age students who are looking to forge a path in any creative type industry. I'll talk about my own journey, its highs and its lows. Obstacles both physical and mental.

As well as giving my top tips to anyone who's still awake by the end of it.                                                                                 

Yrs 11-12, TAFE and UNI considered

*All sessions require access to a large TV or projector with HDMI capabilities. VGA input is OK but not ideal.

*Working with Children check approved


If you would like to discuss the possibility of talking at your school or event, please fill out the email form below and I will get back to you.