The official Zooniverse launch with Nova Weetman

The official Zooniverse launch with Nova Weetman

Zooniverse is a fun new series for readers 8+, written by author Nova Weetman and published by Hardie Grant Egmont.

It follows the adventures of best friends Noah and Blue who, with the help of a magical book, design and bring to life their weird MASHIMAL creations.

These books have been a joy to work on. With 4 books already in the works, I hope there are many more to come.

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With the help of a magical book, Noah Wriggle and his best friend Blue like to design weird and wonderful animal mash-up creations – and then bring them to life! But sometimes their mash-imals love being alive just a little TOO much …

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Collect all 4 ZOONIVERSE adventures in the series

The Outstanding Octokey is a delightful caper for early readers; it’s a hilarious, wacky, magical adventure that’s still very much grounded in reality. The story is packed full of fun animals facts (I for one didn’t know that octopuses don’t have tentacles, they’re technically just arms) which does mean some complicated words like “bilaterally symmetrical” make an appearance but the book does a good job of explaining what they mean to the reader. The text is accompanied by Chris Kennett’s larger than life black and white illustrations throughout.
— The Younger Sun Reviews
This really is a great new series about inventing, friendship and imagination, but it isn’t all just fun. There are numerous facts about each of the different animals scattered throughout the story, and readers are sure to learn a thing or two about each of them!

This is an action-packed zany adventure that is ideally suited to younger readers 8+, particularly boys.
— Lamont Books
Filled with puzzles, games, colouring and writing exercises!

Filled with puzzles, games, colouring and writing exercises!

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