Joints Don't Jump wins award

EDIT: I should point out that I didn't personally win the award, but I appreciate all the kind words. On this occasion it was just nice to be involved. :)

Joints Don't Jump, the 60 second commercial I provided Character Design for, has won an award. A Communicator Gold Award of Excellence to be precise. Congratulations to the folks at Animax Entertainment who put the spot together. I have posted the clip before, but here it is again for those that missed it first time around.

The AAOS have said its OK to share some of the original artwork with you. So below I've put some of the final designs as well as some other ideas that weren't chosen.

The first step was to design the old guy who's dancing at the beginning and the end of the spot. His look would determine the design of the other characters who appear throughout.

Once they settled on the style of design it was time to design his wife. Here are a few options I went with.

And soon the rest followed, with a few minor tweaks along the way.

Animax then took the designs and animated them in a very excellent way. And that, as they say, is that!