Tributary 14 - Evil Dead

So I've dropped the ball a bit on this daily drawing idea. Currently I'm being beaten about the brain and body by the busy stick.

As if to rub salt into the wounds this isn't even a new drawing. I drew this for the Oz Comics weekly challenge a while back. But I haven't posted it here yet, so it kind of counts.

Luckily for me it fits the theme, because the Evil Dead movies were the tippity top of my gore lists as a young teen. I was actually quite obsessed with Horror movies as a young'n. So much so, my older brother (and his friends) thought I'd grow up to be a serial killer or some such. Sadly I think they were only half joking.

Of course I'm not a serial killer. But I still like the odd horror flick, stupid and bloody, though they are.To clarify, I've absolutely never killed anyone. Ever.

Looking forward to the new Evil Dead "Re-imagining" too. Groovy!