CTN-X 2010

The lady in the crazy sunnies may well be gasping in awe at the fantastic talent on display at this year's CTN-X Animation Expo. I imagine my expression will be much the same as I wonder to myself, how in the flippin flip did I end up here?

If I'd actually pinched myself as many times as I felt like pinching myself, my arm would be incredibly sore.

So yeah if you happen to be around Burbank CA between 19th and 21st of November and you happen to want to come and say hello then I, and my table buddy Michael, would be more than happy to make your acquaintance. We'll be selling some bits and bobs during our time there. Hurry though stocks are limited. Kidding Ha Ha! Seriously though we don't want to take this stuff back on the plane.

Plus I'll be showing off my soon to be released book to those who are interested. Sorry I won't be able to sell any copies but if you ask me nicely I might let you turn the pages. Wearing special gloves of course.

Now for the hard sell!

CTN-X takes place at the Burbank Marriott Convention Center with ample discounted parking, conveniently located near the Burbank Airport and Amtrak Station. Early bird pricing and discounted rates are available to students and professional industry organizations. Join me and and make more connections in one weekend thenin a year on facebook at this very different event. Register now as my guest and save 10% on any 1-day or 3-day general pass by using this discount code as my guest KECHX10.

Register now before they are sold out at http://www.regonline.com/CTNX2010