They're coming!!!!

Alpha Monsters Copyright © Chris Kennett. All rights reserved.

The countdown is on! From April 1st Alpha Monsters, my first dabble into children's writing and illustration, will hit the shops in Australia.  

The story follows a young boy who finds himself in a strange world filled with Alphabet Monsters (hence the title). The book itself is more of an introduction to the world, the monsters and the alphabet as opposed to a straight out learning book. It's also a story told in verse, which proved challenging at times, but ultimately (I hope)  ends up being entertaining.

Hopefully I can share more artwork nearer to the time of release, but right now you're looking at its front cover. Look out for it!

EDIT: Got a few enquiries about the book being available overseas. Unfortunately its only being released in Australia to begin with. But who knows, if it does well and you pester Scholastic enough, it may come to you ;)